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Quartermain Earth Science Café: DEEP IMPACT! Is it the end? Or just the beginning?

Quartermain Earth Science Café Presents DEEP IMPACT: Is it the end?  Or just the beginning...

Asteroids and comets have roamed our solar system since the birth of our Sun. Occasionally they collide with planets, including Earth giving us water, precious minerals and perhaps the ingredients for life itself. Impacts may also have been responsible for some of our greatest mass extinctions, including the one that killed the dinosaurs.

With over 1,600 asteroids currently heading towards Earth, scientists keep a close eye on these cosmic creatures.

Are they MASS KILLERS?  Or are they GIVERS OF LIFE? 

Join Dr. John Spray, Director of the Planetary and Space Science Centre (PASSC), to find out!

This event is suitable for ALL AGES!

FREE refreshments available at the pre-talk reception (6:00 to 7:00 pm)

Lively interactive talk with Dr. Spray begins at 7:00 pm

Later Event: December 1
Earth Science Lecture Series